Welcome to the World of Digital Entertainment

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the form of entertainment has moved to a more digital environment. With in-person venues becoming more and more scarce due to the surging of the pandemic, “the digital world continues to progress… more and more online”. Digital access has become extensively more important for the entertainment world.   How Important Exactly […]

More Youth are Being Pushed Towards Poverty Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Compared to the rest of Canada, urban youth (ages 15-29) face certain economic challenges regarding their abilities to meet their basic needs. Some of those factors include high cost of living, educational commitments, smaller skill sets and lack of youth-oriented employment. With the COVID-19 induced recession, the economic well-being of youth has been impacted. This […]

How are youth in Victoria coping with mental health amidst a global pandemic and what can we learn from them?

Mental health services have closed down or cut hours during Covid, meaning youth are without in-person relational or professional supports with an increased up-take in over-populated virtual supports. Despite an increase in social media interaction, nothing replaces an in-person relationship: So where can youth turn for a mental break? In Figure 1, 80% of respondents […]

Racism from the Lens of a Canadian Youth

Racism has been an issue Canada has been struggling with for centuries. From the oppression of Indigenous Peoples to race-based police violence, Canadians have been progressing in a positive direction, but how far along are we on that path? Pivot has surveyed youth in Canadian cities on their thoughts on racism. Here is a short […]

Parks and Mental Health

The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly impacted youth across Canada.   Here, this graph demonstrates youth responses when asked about their overall health. We can see that the number of youths who said that their health was very poor/ poor increased after Covid-19, and that the number of youths who said that their health was very […]

Two Cities on Two Coasts

Between a housing crisis and Coronavirus, it has not been a good time for youth trying to live independently in Canada something I would like to do myself soon. While I would like to remain in Vancouver which I have lived in my entire life, the high price of housing in the Lower Mainland may […]