Homework or Working from Home?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, youth have been greatly affected in their employment. Pivot data outlines the hardships of youth in 27 cities across Canada, highlighting how youth workers transitioned to pandemic-oriented working situations. During this time, youth struggle to adapt to their new job environment, some of which are happening online.   In […]

My Paycheque Is Never Enough

Life is expensive, and one place where this is especially true is in British Columbia. On the very far west of the North American continent in Canada, you will find a city that holds many beautiful sights and tourist attractions. Nevertheless, it is one of the most expensive cities in the nation! Any guesses? Well, […]

Rideshares Business during Pandemic

Due to the pandemic, people’s likelihood of taking public transit has significantly decreased.   – “Prior to the pandemic, I used the transit system a lot, but I have not used it since the pandemic started” – “I take the bus way less, uh, mostly for just fear of being in enclosed space with, you […]