Climate Change

Climate change is global, let’s make sure the information is too.

The Climate Change Index is a global perspective created by youth, FOR youth to empower them to take climate action.


The youth-led climate change movement has been revolutionary. Millions of young people have taken to the streets, created their own organizations and put massive pressure on our current systems to hold elected public officials accountable for their climate inaction. This generation of young people is the most important demographic. Their mass mobilization will continue to create ripple effects in society as they become old enough to vote and become elected change-makers themselves. Within this movement however, there are youth who want to show their support and make informed decisions, but don’t know how or where to start. This project is for them.

The Climate Change Index Project will compare cities globally on their climate change performance from a youth perspective.

An index aims to create a common measurement that will serve as a platform of understanding for people with different lived experiences to find common ground on a shared issue.


Coming soon…