COVID-19 has exacerbated housing anxiety and insecurity for youth. Finding secure, spacious, and affordable housing with easy access to outdoor space, public transport, and amenities is increasingly challenging in urban spaces. There is renewed pressure on cities and governments to respond to their long-standing housing challenges.

The ‘Missing Middle’ describes the range of walkable and affordable housing types between single-detached houses and apartment buildings that have gone ‘missing’ from many cities. It has become a popular approach to addressing housing issues across the GTHA and beyond. While the Missing Middle responds to the challenges of housing affordability, quality, and supply, there has been little insight offered on the unique ways these issues are experienced by youth and on the perspectives and contributions youth can offer as this approach is actioned.

Project Objectives

Generate discussion with a diverse panel to address Toronto’s lack of housing opportunities
Advance the ‘missing middle’ conversation in the GTHA context
Brainstorm user-centric and youthful housing ideas
Foster a network and create opportunities for youth working in the housing space to collaborate
Apply the discussion of the webinar in a white paper to advance policy discussion on Toronto’s housing options

​How can we rethink and rebuild housing policy to better support youth? Now is the time to highlight the perspectives of youth on ‘the Missing Middle’ and housing policy.
​Join us for a dialogue based webinar challenging Toronto’s housing options moving forward. Moderated by Youthful Cities, we will bring together advocacy, policy, and urban planning and construction perspectives for a live design charette and brainstorming session.