Massive Movements

Pivot 2020

Youth Charting Canada’s Urban Future
Pivot 2020 is a national project that aims to employ 1200 Canadian youth from 27 cities across Canada during the Summer of 2020 in order to collect resources and information about the impact of COVID-19 on the youth workforce environment.The data collected will be used to provide an insight into the next-generation workforce, thus aiding in prioritizing specific pandemic recovery efforts. In short, Pivot 2020 will create a pan-Canadian experience for a national cohort of youth who will directly support Canada’s recovery.

Black Lives Matter

Youthful Cities’ vision for the future is one where cities are built to be as connected, diverse, equitable, and accessible as possible, and we would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the deep history of racism and anti-black violence that built the cities we call home. This racism is woven into the very structure of urban life—from housing, to policing, to the job market, to the justice system—and our work will never be complete until we as a society commit to ending the racism that affects every aspect of life here. Racism is alive in Canada, and it always has been, and we will never be free until it is eradicated. We offer our full, unequivocal support to the Black Lives Matter movement and to all those fighting for an end to racism, and we stand with you in that fight, now and always. We’re excited to create a platform with data, resources, and action points in order to help you be a part of this revolutionary movement.