Our Solutions

At Youthful Cities, we’re all about gathering amazing data, then gathering amazing people for insights, dialogue, and action. We offer services and training at multiple points along the path from data to action.

Data to action

Open Up — Open Data Literacy + Activation Program

Open Up Open Up is Youthful Cities’ Open Data Literacy + Activation Program that builds open data capacity in the youth-serving sector by empowering organizations and their changemakers with tools to activate open data in order to enhance their organization's impact. What is Open Up? Open Up is Youthful Cities’ Open Data Literacy + Activation [...]

Labs & Hackathons

Labs & Hackathons Enabling youth through a pop-up “think and do tank” co-creation model to effect change in their cities. Hackathons are a condensed version of the lab model that can be delivered virtually. How 30Lab Works Step 1 Choose a city and a theme based on an urgent need in that city Step 2 [...]


Summits The Future of Urban Work The future of work as a young adult seems precarious. 3-5 years of experience for an entry-level job? The gig economy? Employment tied to health and dental benefits? Careers are now seen as an unattainable commitment and many barriers are rooted in hiring practices and culture that reflect and [...]