Future of Urban Work Summit 2023/2024

Youthful Cities, in partnership with RBC Future Launch, will soon be releasing a brand new Urban Work Index. Now in its third iteration, this ranking will cover key topics that make a city a great place to work and live.

Building on the results from the Urban Work Index, Youthful Cities will be holding an Urban Work Summit in Vancouver in early 2024.

The Summit

The Future of Urban Work Summit 2019 explored Canada’s unique opportunity to embrace the nexus of youth, work, and cities to help drive its economy forward.

As more than 80% of Canada’s youth live in cities, urban spaces are in a unique position to fully embrace and learn from the experiences and perspectives of youth.

Our design combines research and gathering to put young people at the forefront of problem solving as the thinkers and the innovators looking at urban work and its future. 

The Future of Urban Work Summit 2023 builds on our previous success to bring young people together to design a roadmap forward that better prepares cities for the future of work.

A youth presenting at a pitch-off event in Hamilton.
A pitch-off event in Hamilton during a Youthful Cities x Future City Builders Lab
Youths seated at table writing on kraft paper.
Youthful Cities Global Summit 2015

Fifty young leaders and innovators will gather in-person for a multi-day summit on the future of urban work.


Vancouver, British Columbia


October 2023

  • A network of youth Canadian leaders
  • Hard & soft skill development for all delegates
  • An action plan for Canadian cities
  • A specialized action plan for the host city
  • Public, web-based resources for cities and citizens to use
  • A set of future scenarios to be tracked

Learning and thematic exploration. Sessions vary from keynote speakers, thematic panel discussions, and skill-building workshops.

Design-thinking innovation model. Participants will use the ABCD model grounded in the Urban Work Index findings to develop tangible approaches to make work better in their cities, which will be shared and pitched on the final day.

City exploration and networking. Woven throughout the Summit, there will be exciting opportunities for building and activating our Future of Work network. This includes social events such as a full delegation dinner, creative activities, and site visits in the host city.

Young people placing sticky notes on a wall at a Future City Builders lab
Youthful Cities x Future City Builders Lab

The Opportunity

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