Cara Simpson

Communication and Programming Assistant-Manager

I graduated from Simon Fraser University in 2020 with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Communications. During my time at SFU I was part of the Communication Student Union for 2 years where my passion for building and fostering communities really bloomed. I started working for Youthful Cities during the pandemic, where I’ve had the opportunity to immerse myself in the world of open data and realize its importance in driving engagement and policy change for youth-serving organizations.

Favourite city: Vancouver. Especially in the Spring and Fall the city looks so beautiful with all the trees changing colours and the mountains in the background, and of course thankful that it’s acceptable to leave the house in lounge wear.

My urban attribute: Climate Change. I love finding new ways to integrate sustainability into my life but ultimately for us to see real change we need our cities and leaders to prioritize climate change policies in all aspects of decision-making.

Guilty pleasure: Reality TV (currently RHOSLC).

My role at YouthfulCities: I have the amazing privilege of expanding and planning our data literacy program: Open Up, and helping to grow the Youthful Cities brand and digital presence.