Headshot of Claire Patterson in a tulip field.

Claire Patterson

Communication Lead


I grew up in a small town on Vancouver Island but became an urban enthusiast somewhere along my Bachelor’s degree, in which I had the opportunity to live in Vancouver, Amsterdam, and Barcelona. The more people I met from around the world throughout these moves, the more interested I became in how the politics, culture, systems and infrastructure created this person I am sitting across from having a beer with. 

Now, I have the opportunity to work on really interesting projects about topics like democratic engagement, the climate crisis, mental health, or the state of affordability for youth, but the root of my interest in these topics came from this human level of wanting to know more about other people and what issues are affecting them. 

It’s always been about people for me. People and communication and story-telling. 

Currently, I am pursuing an MSc in Political Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam and have ambitions to continue telling stories that help people understand each other better.

Favourite city: Amsterdam! The beauty of hopping on your bike and taking a 15 minute ride through a beautiful park to get to a friends house/ school/ work is amazing to me. There is always a new exhibit opening, musical festival happening or market to explore. 

My urban attribute:  Playfulness and connection are really important to me in a city. I love when residents of a city are able to come together to make important things happen,  whether that is a community garden, block party, mural, or protest.

Guilty pleasure: I am really fascinated by Youtube and probably spend too much time on it. I will get weirdly fascinated by the life of an art student in Singapore and then want to watch all the videos about their daily life. 

My role at Youthful Cities: I tell the story of the important work that Youthful Cities is doing through relationships, journalism, social media and more!