Headshot of Fadumo Diriye

Fadumo Diriye

Senior Data Analyst


Fadumo is passionate about using data analytics, coding languages, and statistics to help organizations achieve their social impact. She developed a variety of initiatives for young people, including the healthy breakfast club at Fleming’s Breakfast for Learning and co-founding Renaissance Youth Group. She was also a board member at Unison Health and Community Service, where she sat on the Quality Committee. Fadumo has her undergrad degree in Health Studies from York University and recently completed her Post-Graduate Certificate at Humber College in Business Insights and Data Analytics, specializing in Operation Management. Her experiences, knowledge, and lessons acquired throughout her education and work have equipped her to serve the community and help empower young people by utilizing data.

Favourite city: New York City (xoxo gossip girl )

My urban attribute: Since I was a kid, I’ve always dreamed of living in New York (why am I such a cliché ). The hustle and bustle of the city fuels anyone’s curiosity. I grew up watching and admiring all the beautiful architects from New York City and being inspired by the city’s diversity. With the pandemic somewhat behind us, I am looking forward to visiting New York City this year and embracing our beautiful urban cities again.

Guilty pleasure: I am not too fond of the term guilty pleasure because it implies shamefulness for things that give you enjoyment, and I don’t believe in it. Nevertheless, I enjoy watching workday vlogs on YouTube and listening to podcasts in my spare time.

My role at Youthful Cities: I lead the data team by collecting quality and accurate data, processing, designing, presenting insights, and supporting the creation of data-driven solutions to make cities more youthful.