Jordan Patel

Data Analyst

I specialize in utilizing qualitative and quantitative research methods to breakdown elaborate topics into easily digestible formats to inform youth. On the quantitative side, I crunch numbers that are then used for our indexes, widgets, and our partners who need to understand the needs of youth. On the qualitative side, I use that data to tell stories and break down the raw stats to provide meaningful insights.

Favourite City: Tokyo. Always wanted to travel there. The cherry blossoms at UofT just don’t do it for me.

My Urban Attribute: I’d say a mix of Digital Access & Education. I’ve learned a lot simply from accessing resources online, and I always try and share those resources with those who might need them.

Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate-covered orange peels. If you’ve never tried them you’re not living your best life.

My role at Youthful Cities: I help the team leverage data to solve problems and create indexes. Cleaning, collecting and analyzing data is what I do best!