At Youthful Cities, we work with young people through a three-step process towards sustainable urban change — the first is: research, insights from youth by youth about the real needs in and of their cities.  We then look to build opportunities for dialogue — to uncover the nuance in those needs and foster connection and engagement in addressing them.  Finally, we identify concrete actions in response to the insights and dialogues, and as direct interventions in building a better, more youthful, and more just urban future for all.


Research and data are what we thrive on at Youthful Cities — building tools for young people to uncover and collect data to figure out what’s happening in their cities. In our work, this has included surveys, indexes, and interview processes developed by young people and delivered around the world.  From this, we’re proud to host and share intersectional insights on cities globally and right here in Canada, including most recently — the HUB.  


With the insights we’ve gathered, we offer a variety of programming for young people to collaborate, innovate, discuss, dissect, interrogate and connect with each other and the data collected to deepen their understanding of what change might look like in their cities and lives.  For us, this looks like global summits with change-makers from around the world, localized hack-a-thons to develop and explore major issues, and national labs all to deepen understanding and develop new ideas, together!  


This is a crucial component of our work where we move from big ideas into concrete action. This looks like urban innovation labs for young people to develop and launch interventions in their cities.  An example we love was our partner in Calgary who launched small garden boxes for city balconies to support young people in growing their own food.  Across all of these interventions big and small, we’re excited by actions that meet the issues we’ve explored and re-imagine possibilities in responding to them!