Youthful Cities Index

About Youthful Cities Index

Since 2013 YouthfulCities has been measuring cities from the perspective of youth (ages 15-30). Through two global indexes, three Canadian Indexes and two global surveys we’ve measured infrastructure, cost of living, quality of life, access to education and much in between. All of this has been done in order to understand how youth feel about the “youthfulness” of their cities, and which cities place the greatest emphasis on supporting young people and people who identify as “youthful”.

YouthfulCities is now in the process of collecting data for its YouthfulCities 2020 Index: Coventry City of Culture edition which will rank five global cities across 100+ indicators from a youth perspective. Coventry City of Culture, 2021, is a city-wide programme of art and cultural events, from large-scale spectacles, music, dance, theatre and poetry as well as more intimate, celebratory cultural and heritage experiences.

We are working with 5 cities which have all been chosen because they are catalysts for change, curious, explorative and dynamic as well as activist spirit and civic innovation. The cities will connect to make a global programme for the City of Culture year.

We’re looking for researchers to collect primary and secondary online data about their cities. Research takes place between February and May 2020.

Overall Ranking

Our top three finishers again this year, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, perform strongly in our three themes of Live, Work and Play. These cities offer a holistic sample of what youth are looking for in a city. However, Toronto and Vancouver struggle in Affordability measures, leaving room for the other cities to be an attractive alternative for youth. In fact, our top three cities’ overall scores still have room for improvement. Each city had the potential to score 1713 points, meaning that even our top-scoring cities have gaps to fill.

What about the other 19 cities on the list? Each city has a unique area they excel in, meaning if you are a dedicated foodie, outdoor adventurer or looking to find a city with an affordable price point, our Index has the city for you. Explore your cities unique ranking and data below.

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